Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby Girl Names

Before we found out we were having a lil lady, we had 
a boy's name ready to go.
Cuz remember how I was SURE we were having a boy?
Our boy name was Tate. 
We've loved it for a long time and always thought Todd and Tate would be so cute.
We never discussed a girls name.
We were so sure we were having a boy.
So when we found out Todd wasn't getting a brother named Tate, we told him we'd name this baby a "T" name after him.
Since Kamber is a "K" name like Kylee.
Which, by the way, wasn't intentional.
Kamber's name was going to be Ashlynn until an hour before I was going to be induced with her.
It was never on our list, a name we never discussed.
It literally just popped into my head.
Since Todd and Kylee both have double letters at the end we thought we'd do double letters for out 3rd baby. 
But that was not what her name was supposed to be.
Kamber fits her.
So, let's get back to why I'm posting this little story.
We don't have any girl names, let alone a T girl name.
Help me get a list going by sharing your favorite T name.
It cannot be Tenley, bc my brother named his baby that and 
it can't be Tatum. 
I'd love some input!
And hopefully we can name her before we leave the hospital.
We've never had this issue before now.


Alli said...

How about Tina "Turner"...haha! I love Tiffany, but it's kinda old fashioned. I also like Tia, Tawni, Taylee, Tessa and Tori. :)

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