Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Birthday Boy

 When did this blue eyed, toothless, baldy turn into...
this blue eyed 10 year old with permanent teeth, and hair that he hates having cut short???
Every year it blows my mind how quickly time is flying by!
Todd is such a good helper to me and a good big brother to his sisters. 
For the most part he's a really good kid.
Though it frustrates him to no end when his sisters get into his things and mess up his room.
He's very particular about how he likes his things and doesn't like them messed up or out of order.
This is one trait I wish Kylee had!
Her room is out of control!   
Because of this, he's a great cleaner-uper.
If you need your bathrooms cleaned come have Todd do them.
You'll be impressed!  
He makes the girls breakfast, changes diapers, puts clothes away, vacuums, cleans out the dishwasher, mops the floor...you name it he can do it. 
The one thing he hates is cleaning the playroom. 
Todd can be feisty, like any kid can be, but he's also very loving and kind.
He LOVES babies and he loves little kids. 
Good thing since he's gonna have another sensitive little sister around. 
I love that he still lets me hug and kiss him.
He'll always be my best boy!  

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Jenny Knudsen said...

Happy Birthday Todd! I can't believe how big your kids are now!