Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Turner Baby #5

Tate Jensen Turner
Born November 30, 2016
6 pounds 2 ounces
19 inches long
5th and final Turner baby!

I went in to be induced at 8pm Tues. November 29th. I was positive for the group B strep so before they could start me on pitocin I had to get atleast 2 rounds of antibiotics. Around 12 or 1am they started the pitocin and upped it every hour or so. I was dilated at a 3 and thought for sure I'd have him around 4 or so. I was having regular contractions, but they were more annoying than painful, so I didn't sleep at all. The nurse gave me some statol which is a pain med to help me sleep. It made my eyes heavy but I still didn't sleep at all. It made me feel really weird. I felt sleepy, but my brain could not stop, and I was still hearing everything going on around me. It was the worst. I still didn't sleep. The nurse checked me around 5 or 6am and I was still only dilated to a 3! What??? Zero progression all night. Dr. Huish came to check on me around 7am and broke my water. Pretty soon after I started feeling pretty intense contractions. I asked for an epidural and finally at 8:30am I got one. I was in pain way longer than I wanted to be bc my nurse wanted a specific anthologist to give it to me, but she was tied up in a C-section. So the other guy ended up giving it to me anyways. 30 minutes later! I was glad to finally have some relief and was wanting to try and sleep a little since I hadn't all night. my nurse came in about 9am and wanted to flip me to my side. About 15 minutes later I felt some pressure and just didn't feel right. It didn't hurt, just felt different and I knew something was going on. Rocky went and got my nurse and when she checked me she said baby is coming! Don't move like at all! She called Dr. Huish and he was there within 5 minutes. They got me all prepped and ready to go and in less than 3 pushes our sweet baby boy was here! They wrapped him in a towel, ripped open my gown, set him on my chest and cleared out of the room. So it was just Rocky, myself and our sweet baby. They didn't weigh him or anything. I've never had that happen before so it was a little bit weird for me. About 30 minutes later my nurse came back in and cleaned him up and laid him in the warm bed and got all his stats. He was bigger than we had anticipated, which is one of the reasons Dr. Huish allowed me to be induced 2 weeks early/ He was measuring small...which I have small babies anyways...but he was worried my uterus was constricting growth bc my measurements had gone down from my second to last appointment which isn't normal. 
We were moved into a recovery room and the rest is history! We are so glad he's finally here! 
My pregnancy with him was super hard on my body. I honestly don't know how I could have gone 2 more weeks until my due date or even after. Being almost 37 took a toll on me. I wasn't sleeping, and my back hurt so bad. It was always pinched in both my hips and I had shooting pain up both my shoulder blades all day everyday. Trying to dry my feet off after taking a shower was super hard. When I'd try to bend over my lower back would get really pinched. Sometimes I'd cry out in pain. Sometime I'd just cry bc it hurt so bad. It hurt when I was 33 and pregnant with Teagan, but it was only the last month that was really bad with her. I struggled with Tate. The prize at the end of it though was a super sweet baby. We are all smitten by him. He's the perfect ending to a tale we never knew we wanted. 5 kids was never in our plans, but I'm so glad it wasn't my plan that was right!