Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Girl Turner

This picture says it all...
We are having our 3rd little girl!
I was in shock, to say the least.
I was so sure with ever fiber of my being that this baby was a boy.
And not because I wanted a boy, but because I felt from early on that this baby was a boy.
When the ultrasound tech said girl I had no words...I was so sure.
With Kamber I wanted a boy, didn't necessarily feel like she was a boy, but we wanted a boy.
We didn't find out gender so after I delivered and the nurses said, "It's a girl!" I was secretly so excited she was a girl! 
The cuteness of all the girlie outfits and accessories...
I was so excited!
And my pregnancy was pretty identical to Kylee's.
So sick and nauseous till I was about 7 months pregnant.
This time around I wasn't as sick or nauseous as with the girls and overall, my pregnancy was almost the same as with Todd minus all the swelling and high blood pressure.
If I would have paid close attention with Kamber I should have known she was a girl since my pregnancy was identical to Kylee's.
So, I used the same logic this time around and didn't base it on what I wanted.
I was WRONG!
Let's just say I've had to let this sink in for a few days.
Not that I don't want another girl, I was just so sure I was having a boy.
And being so wrong has made me doubt if I have any mother's intuition at all!
Buying a few cute little girlie outfits has made it more real for me.
Since Todd doesn't get his brother, we decided she'll have a "T" name after Todd since Kamber is a "K" name like Kylee.
Though we have no idea what name we'll go with. 
There are not as many girl T names as I would like.
I'm sure we'll come up with something.
So that's the story of our 4th and final child!
Todd doesn't get a brother, but does get lots of sisters to love and protect...and a lot of quality time just with dad.
And I get lots of girl time!
Heaven help me!
I do love my girls...all 3 of them!    


*Katie May* said...

I have always thought Timalee was a cute name. tatum, taylor, ?? I follow a fb page called first and middle names you could message them and they'll post it and ask people to give you cute T names.

Kasey said...

That is a cute name and if my SIL didn't just name her baby Tenley it would go on my list. Tatum could would...and I have a niece Taylor so that would just be weird. I'll have to check out that page. Thanks!

Shannon said...

My friend named her daughters Tanica, and Tailee. Exciting for you to have another girl. You have all the girls and I have all the boys. Fun times!

Lindsay said...

What about Tess or Tessa?

Kasey Turner said...

My sister told me I could not use Tess bc that was her name and Tessa is my aunts dogs name. That would just be weird!